Titagarh is the first private company in India to be engaged in manufacturing EMU/MEMU trains for the Indian Railways since 2010. The ultimate product (in this case motor and trailer coaches) are tested on the testing track within the Titagarh facility.

Titagarh further diversified its knowledge in the Passenger Division by acquiring an Italian company with 100 years of experience called Firema which now is known as Titagarh Firema Adler Spa. After this acquisition Titagarh offers a wide range of products and services to the rolling stock industry: High Speed and Regional Trains with a standard EMU track gauge (single or double decked), light rail transport and underground trains, electric and diesel locomotives and coaches, electric and electronic equipment, static convertors and traction engines, Assistance and Global Service, Repair, Inspection and revamping of rolling stock material and equipment.

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