Titagarh has been the manufacturing of freight wagons since 1997 as forward integration to its existing business of manufacturing railway castings – bogies and couplers. Since then Titagarh has grown on to become the market leader in Indian Market and subsequently beginning to export wagons.



Titagarh has two Steel Casting Foundries manufacturing components for the Indian as well as International Market. It is the leading manufacturer of Crossing in India. Recently acquired the brand Sambre et Meuse which has vast designs of the Bogies for Freight Wagons. Titagarh manufactures various type of Cast Bogies as well as Fabricated Bogies. Titagarh is a leading manufacturer of Coupler in India and has vast experience in manufacturing Couplers for different countries.



Titagarh is the first private company in India to be engaged in manufacturing EMU/MEMU trains for the Indian Railways since 2010. The ultimate product (in this case motor and trailer coaches) are tested on the testing track within the Titagarh facility.