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Titagarh Wagons Limited has manufactured and supplied more than 200 EMUs and MEMUs to Indian Railways in last 8 years and will be supplying another 100 more EMU/MEMU cars by this year. TFA , an Italian Subsidiary of Titagarh Group has capabilities to design, manufacture, assemble, test and commission modern passenger rolling stock with latest three-phase IGBT based VVVF technology. Titagarh manufactures EMUs of 160 Kmph, double-decker and single deck commuter trains, metros, trams under the brand of "FIREMA". Recently, the brand has supplied metro coaches in Milan and for Catania metro in Italy along with trams in Oslo, Norway, metro coaches in Brazil, and several other single-deck and double-deck EMUs operating up to a speed of 160 Kmph in Italy. Titagarh is the only Indian company which owns its own technology for Metros and semi high-speed trains.

Titagarh Firema S.p.A. (TF) is a subsidiary of Titagarh Wagons Limited, located in Italy. TFA is one of the largest rolling stock manufacturers in Italy and possesses the latest technology in designing and manufacturing of rolling stock such as RAKEs of 160 Kmph, High Speed Trainsets of 300 kmph and Metro Trains (Milan, Genoa, Catania, Fortaleza, etc.) and 3-Phase IGBT based Propulsion Systems.

TFA expertises in 3-Phase IGBT Traction Converter & Auxiliary Converter development for EMU, Metro Trains. TFA has also supplied the motor that rates up to 180 KW for high-speed trains.

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