About The Group

Titagarh stretches its global reach and presence through factories in India and Italy. We cater to passenger rolling stock including trains and metros as well. Our product range expands to include electric propulsion equipment such as traction motors and vehicle control systems. Titagarh also designs and manufactures wagons such as container flats, grain hoppers, cement wagons, clinker wagons, and tank wagons.

Titagarh India

Headquartered in Kolkata, India, the Titagarh group is a leading manufacturer of freight and passenger rolling stock. Established as a rolling stock foundry unit in the 1980's, Titagarh started its journey by producing railway castings such as bogies and couplers for the Indian railways. By 1997, Titagarh had produced its first railway freight wagon. This served as a benchmark for future endeavors and allowed Titagarh to establish itself as a leader in the Indian market. Soon after, Titagarh began to emerge as a significant exporter of freight wagons and wagon parts. In 2015, Titagarh acquired a 100% stake in Titagarh Firema, an Italian company with an esteemed reputation for manufacturing passenger rolling stock. Now with a presence in two different continents, Titagarh has stretched its global reach, far and wide, thus having transformed itself into a global conglomerate.

Titagarh Italy

Focused on the high growth areas in the infrastructure sectors, Titagarh is the largest private company in India engaged in the manufacturing of freight and passenger rolling stock. After the Titagarh Group's establishment in 1997, the brand further diversified its portfolio in the Passenger Division by acquiring 100% equity of the Italian company Firema, now known as the Titagarh Firema SpA.

With decades of experience, the premier Italian coach maker has allowed Titagarh to offer a range of products, equipment, solutions and services to the rolling stock industry. These offerings include high-speed and regional trains with a standard EMU track gauge (single or double-decked), metro coaches, light rail transport and underground trains, electric and diesel locomotives and coaches, electric and electronic equipment, static converters and traction engines, accessories, refurbishment, help and global repair services, inspection and revamping of rolling stock material and equipment.

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