Titagarh has undergone organic expansion like no other! The young brand has diversified into shipbuilding with its merger with the 25-year-old shipbuilding experts, the Corporated Shipyard. The latter has an experience of building more than 70 ships for various clients, and together with their abilities, the Titagarh Group is making waves in the shipbuilding industry.

Titagarh ensures that it consistently delivers ahead of time with world-class shipbuilding facilities that spread over 50 acres of land with 500 metres of waterfront. The shipyard, conveniently on the National Waterway 1, close to Kolkata, India, boasts of modern steel processing facilities equipped with CNC machines. These machines are capable of processing more than 10,000T of steel per annum. The yard also has a jetty for post-launching activities on the ships. With these facilities and trained staff, in both steel and aluminium, Titagarh is capable of building ships of up to 125 metres in length.

Powered by a highly qualified in-house development team, Titagarh is a trusted brand, licenced for warship manufacture by the Government of India. Moreover, the group has also been commissioned by the National Institute of Ocean Technology for purpose-designed coastal research vessels with on-board laboratories. 

Titagarh has so far manufactured world class, Oceanographic Research Vessels, Naval Vessels, Passenger Ship, Tugs, and Inland Water Transport Vessels for customers worldwide.

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