About & Core Business

Titagarh ventured into the arena of freight wagon manufacturing in 1997. This forward integration of its existing business of manufacturing foundry for Indian Railways, enabled Titagarh to establish itself as the leader in the Indian market, and subsequently become a significant exporter of freight wagons and components from India.

In 2015, Titagarh further acquired the brand and the know-how of Sambre et Meuse – the world’s leading manufacturer of cast steel bogies. This has allowed the brand to reserve full design flexibility to meet requirements of customers from diverse geographies. Truly, this makes Titagarh a transnational powerhouse in end-to-end solutions for the rail freight industry.

Offices & Plants Freight, India

Steel Foundry 
Established in the year 1983, this multi-product steel foundry specially caters to the Indian Railways. The unit specialises in manufacturing rolling stock & components, and railway track fittings – mainly bogies, couplers, draft gears for wagons and CMS crossings. 

Titagarh Unit
The primary manufacturing unit of Titagarh, this plant has a capacity of producing 4100 wagons per year, The plant is certified by the Indian Railway with the G105 certificate.

HED (Heavy Engineering Divison) Uttarpara 
This manufacturing unit, also with a G105 certificate, manufactures 1900 wagons per year, has equipment conforming to the latest technology for coach and wagon manufacturing.

Bharatpur, India
This manufacturing unit situated at Bharatpur, Rajasthan, has a capacity of producing 2400 wagons per year. Titagarh also manufactures Loco Shells from this facility.

Facts & Figures
Kolkata - 8400 wagons and 25000 MT Casting per year 
Capacity (per year) 4100 wagons | 1900 wagons 25,000 MT | 2400 wagon

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